Abraham Lincoln And John F Kennedy

Intro of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kenndey

Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy are two prominent names not just in America but also in the world. They both have remained the president of the world’s most powerful country, America. Moreover, Abraham who born on 12 February 1809, was the 16th president of the USA. While John F. Kennedy had served as the 35th president of the United States of America. Kennedy was born on 29 May 19017. There are a lot of similarities and coincidences between the two. Here we will discuss about those.

Abraham Linccoln and John F kennedy
The articles published in 1964 about the coincidences of two presidents

Lincoln was famous for leading the USA during the Civil War. His leadership abilities played a great role in that civil war. He kept the country united and defeated the south extremist. While JFK was famous due to the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missiles crisis. Also, he is famous for early assassination during his presidency.

Similarities of Abraham and Kennedy

The two presidents of the USA have many similarities. They both enjoyed the presidency and faced assassination as well. However, in 1964, after the assassination of JFK, a list of coincidences of the two came into light. The mainstream American Press made the list public. Following are the major similarities of both presidents.

  • Both JFK & Lincoln elected to congress in 46th the year of their respective centuries.
  • They both became presidents in the 61st year of 19th and 20th century.
  • Both have concerned with civil rights.
  • Lincoln and Kennedy each have 7 letters of their names.
  • They faced assassination of Friday.
  • Both were assassinated in the presence of their wives.
  • The wives of both lost a child each in the White House.
  • The name of Lincoln’s secretary was Kennedy while JFK’s secretary was Lincoln.
  • Successors of both have name Johnson.
  • The assassins of both ran from a theatre and arrested from a warehouse.
  • The secretaries of both Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy tried to stop them to go out on their assassination day.

Truth of the coincidences

Well, after reading the above incidences you may think about the truthness of these. So, there are some facts that surprisingly are true and similar. But some of these are doubtful. Moreover, Lincoln was in the 2nd term when he faced assassination. While JFK’s was the first instance to become president. However, people discuss a lot about their coincidences.

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Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy
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Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy were the 16th and 35th presidents of America respectively. Lincoln and Kennedy have both many coincidences.
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