Alteration-Experience a Dream 360 Experience

What about Alteration?

Well, this is another gem of games in virtual reality. I bet you will never experience so much immersive thrill and excitement while play Alteration on Oculus Go. Before starting, let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you want to experience how artificial intelligence works? Or do you wish that your subconscious be controlled digitally? If your answers are in a positive nod then play this game. Also, I am sure it will never disappoint you for what you are looking for. The game is over a blockbuster movie but worth playing.


The basic and essential details of this film narrative game are as under.

  • Genre: 360 Experience (non-game), Movie, Narrative
  • Language: English, French (France), German
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 800 MB
  • Developer: Vertical
  • Download: To download this game, find a link at the end of this post.

The gameplay of Alteration

It is an Artificial Intelligence-based game that offers a dream experiment. After using Oculus Go Controller, when a player jumped into the game, he will have to present himself as a volunteer. Then the scientists will inject the player with Elsa an Artificial Intelligence. Hence the player will be digitized and his subconscious will be under human control. Moreover, the graphics and continuous shift of the game perspective make it more attractive. There is a lot of entertainment for you in this game, so hurry up, download, and play it.

Alteration Oculus Go
Have the best VR experience in this game

How to find the best Oculus Go Controller?

The game is totally in the world of virtual reality. Therefore, to step in the virtual world, Oculus Go Controller is necessary. If you don’t own it then you will have to buy it. Also, you can buy it using this link.

Download Alteration a narrative game

To download this to have the best VR experience, click here. Moreover, you can also download it from the app stores of your mobile phones.

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