How To Know Average Price Of An NFT?

The average price of an NFT

The world was still in the awe of accepting Blockchain technology application in decentralized finances and then NFT took the world by surprise. Today, this word has become the hottest topic to talk about. It has revolutionized the representation of the artwork. By creating NFTs, the artist can sell them on the NFT marketplace globally in digital form. Many NFTs have gone for millions of dollars. Let’s explore how to know the average price of an NFT.

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What factors determine the price of an NFT?

Well, when you come to know that an NFT like the Merge has been sold for $91.8 million while at the same time another NFT was worth just $10; then you think that what makes an NFT so expensive while the other cheaper ones. The following are the factors that determine NFT price.

  1. Previous history of the NFT that how many times it was sold and who bought it
  2. Buyers’ perception of this NFT
  3. The underlying value
  4. The rarity of the NFT
  5. What could be the future value

How can I track the prices of NFTs?

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