Band Coinbase-Earn Free BAND Protocol

What is band Coinbase?

Since the huge success of Bitcoin, we have seen a lot of cryptocurrencies in the market. And most of the currencies are booming and experiencing a boost in prices after the pandemic. BAND protocol is also one of those currencies that is making a prominent mark in the market. Crypto communities are also there to guide and educate people. Meanwhile, Coinbase which is the best-decentralized exchange is offering people to earn Band tokens and earn a free reward.

Coinbase band earn bandHow can I earn the free BAND?

Well, as the title of this article speaks louder to earn free BAND protocol but you might have a question. Is there a way to earn free crypto tokens? Yes, there is and you can. Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, has this opportunity for you. Simply learn about the chis cryptocurrency by watching their videos and tutorial and on the completion, you will get tokens as a reward. To land on the page directly, click this link.

What is BAND Protocol

This is also necessary to know about what you are earning. It is a cryptocurrency that claims itself as a cross-chain data oracle platform that combines and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Also, it enables blockchains to access data, such as stock prices and weather, that are available via API. Experts are also predicting that it could be a good profitable investment in the coming years. Therefore, start learning and start earning right from here.

Advantages of earning from Coinbase

Though there is an option for you to buy this coin from crypto exchanges yet you can earn it free from Coinbase by learning about the cryptocurrency. The following are the advantages to earn from this exchange.

  • Worth $82 BAND reward
  • Earning by learning
  • Free video tutorials to learn cryptocurrency
  • Get a live market analysis

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