Bobby Kennedy Life And His Assassination

Who is Bobby Kennedy?

Bobby Kennedy is the nick of Robert F Kennedy, younger brother of former president John F Kennedy. He is also referred to as RFK also. RFK who born on 20 November 1925, was the 64th Attorney General of the U. S. A. Moreover, he also served during the presidency of his brother.

Bobby Kennedy
The President JFK and Attorney General RFK

As RFK belonged to a strong political family hence he tended towards politics. He also remained a U. S. Senator from New York from 1965 to 1968 till his assassination. Here, I am going to write down about his early life, political career and assassination. However, to read more about Robert F. Kennedy, click here.

Early Life of Bobby

Bobby who born in Brookline, Massachusetts was the 7th child of his parents out of nine. His father was a famous political figure in America as well as a businessman. RFK’s family moved from Massachusetts to New York in 1927. However, two years later they moved again to Suburban Bronxville. He got his initial education from Riverdale Country School. Bobby studied there from Kindergarten through second grade. Moreover, he went to different schools like Bronxville Public School for his early education. Later, he returned to Riverdale again. He was very keen on American History and used to hang the pictures of Presidents of America in his room.

RFK was not so good in studies, so he failed many time and passed 12th grade from Milton Academy. He then joined the United States Naval Reserve as a seaman apprentice. He got training there and served for two years. Again he returned to studies and graduated from Harvard in Political Science. In 1951, he graduated in law from University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville.

Attorney General & Political career

In 1960, When John F. Kennedy won the presidential election he appointed his younger brother RFK the Attorney General of U. S. A. However, this decision remained controversial. However, Bobby performed very well on the position. Moreover, he was a big flagbearer of human rights and he supported such elements a lot.

After the assassination of his brother JFK, he steeped in politics and elected as a Senator from New York City from 1965 to 1968 till his assassination on 6 June 1968.

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Bobby Kennedy
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