Botanical Garden Lahore in Pakistan

Botanical Garden Lahore is a recreational place for families and visitors. The Pakistan Government made this botanical garden in Jallo Park. Apart from a recreational place, it is also a research centre. There are many types of flowers, plants and various species of animals. According to Park and Horticulture Authority, there are 30 different species of animals. Moreover, there is a lot of entertainment for families. So, if you are planning to visit Pakistan, you must this keep this place in your list. To get more details, click here.

Botanical Garden Lahore
                       A beautiful lake for boating and fishing in the garden

Location of Botanical Garden Lahore

This amazing garden is in Lahore, the capital city of province Punjab. Moreover, the garden is in the Jallo Park Lahore, which is already a famous place. The garden is 7 kilometres in East of Lahore. If you are staying in Lahore then you can easily go there by taxi. However, urban buses and commuter trains are also there to access the garden. There is a Jallo Railway Station stop for train.

Things to do in the Botanical garden

Jallo park has an area of 461 acres. It features a botanical garden, wildlife research centre and many other recreational things. There is a theme park which can amuse the children as well as the adults. If it is a Summer season then there is a swimming pool for you to swim. Moreover, there is a large lake in the garden for boating and fishing. There is a sports complex also to do some activity if you want.

Ticket Prices to visit the garden

The price to buy a ticket to visit the garden is very low. For an adult the ticket price is Rs. 50 (less than $1). However, children below five years and senior citizens over 60 years have free access to the garden.

Opening and Closing Time

The garden remains open all days in a week. However, the visit timing is from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. After that, the administration closes the garden.

Pakistan is a beautiful country and the number one holiday destination in the world right now. So, You must visit Pakistan and should explore these beautiful places.

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Botanical Garden Lahore
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Botanical Garden Lahore
Botanical Garden Lahore is also known as Jallo botanical garden located in Jallo Park Lahore. It is a wildlife research centre as well as a botanical garden
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