Bradley Cooper A Star is Born Character

What about Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper a star is born or it will ve right to say “the man born to be a star”. Cooper is an amazing actor, an incredible filmmaker and also a musician. The star man has done everything in his field. Moreover, he has achieved such high standards that anyone can dream for. Bradley was born on 5th January 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. He has set very high standards which others will find tough to meet. If we talk about his awards, there is a series. He has won two Grammy Awards and a BAFTA award. Moreover, he got the nomination for Academy Awards eight times while once for Tony Award.

A star is bron
Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is born

Apart from this, he was thrice in the list of Forbes celebrity 100. In 2015, he was also in the Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world. Moreover, his movies have earned more than $11 Billion worldwide. If I start writing about his achievement then it will demand enough time and space. So, I am giving here a brief overview. However, for details, you may visit here.

Bradley Cooper a star is born character

Cooper, though had a successful career before the film “A Star is Born” yet he almost doubled his success after that. He was only tenth actor to get the nomination for Oscar Awards for three consecutive years. However, when A Star is born came, it ruled the world. The amazing facts about this film are that Cooper himself produced, wrote, directed and starred in it. This musical romantic movie ruled the Box Office. Here is the list of key awards, this movie got.

  • Three Oscar nomination
  • BAFTA Award for the best original music
  • Two Grammy Awards
  • Number one soundtrack
  • Satellite Award for the best cinematography
  • Satellite Award for the best motion picture

Moreover, Cooper in this movie also established him as a singer. Bradley’s masterpiece also helped Lady Gaga to revive his career. Because she was the heroine against Bradley in this movie.

Box Office Business by A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper made this movie with a budget of $36 Million. However, it did a great business and gave a total worldwide gross of $436.2 Million. In Just Canada and America, it grossed $215.3 million. While in other countries it earned $220.9 million.

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Bradley Cooper A Star is born
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Bradley Cooper A Star is born
Bradley Cooper A Star is born movie is one of the most hit movie of his career which born a new star as well as revive the career of Lady Gaga. won awards
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