C Auris Symptoms And Precautions

What is C Auris?

C Auris or Candida Auris is a species of fungus which grows as yeast and causes candidiasis in humans. People with low and weak immune system are often vulnerable to this in hospitals. Moreover, it can cause invasive candidiasis in which the bloodstream, the central nervous system and internal organs are infected.

C Auris
The fungal infection which occurs to already ill people

C Auris first came in light in 2009 when doctors isolated it from the ear canal of a 70-year-old Japanese woman at the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital. In 2011, South Korea also saw its first cases and then it spread to other countries. In 2013, it had made its appearance in U. S. A as well. Let’s know about its symptoms and precautions. To read more details, click here.

Candida Auris symptoms

C Auris is a deadly fungus infection. Also, it occurs to those who are already ill. Hence the doctors find it tough to identify its symptoms easily. Moreover, its symptoms from vary form a body to body as well as in a body. It can occur to an open wound, to the bloodstream and to ear. However, some common C Auris symptoms are as follow.

  • Fever
  • cold despite taking antibiotics

As I have already mentioned that it often occurs to already sick people. Therefore, a laboratory test is the best way to diagnose it.

Precautions and Treatment

This fungal infection Candida Auris is a very serious thing. However, in most cases, it is curable. But there are some classes of this Candida which show a huge resistance against the drugs to eliminate it. Hence the treatment becomes more difficult.

It is also worth mentioning that this resistance against drugs may lead to further severe infections.  In such cases, doctors usually recommend a high dose to eliminate it.

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C Auris
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C Auris
C Auris is an infections which mostly occurs to already ill people in hospitals. candida auris symptoms are tough to identify without test.candidas auris
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