C Rajaji The Last Governor General of India

What about C Rajaji?

C Rajaji is one of the most prominent names in Indian history. There are several names of him and was a very popular leader among the public. His original name was Chakravarti Rajagopalachari. However, people used to call him Rajaji, C. Rajagopalachari and C. R. Moreover, Rajaji was an Indian politician, lawyer, writer and historian. Furthermore, he was the first Indian-born Governor-general of India. Also, he was one of the first recipients to get Bharat Ratna Award. There is a long list of Rajiji achievements and accomplishments. However, here I am going writing down briefly about him. For further details, click here.

C rajaji Gopalachafri
A rare pic of two famous leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Rajagopalachri

Early life and career of Rajaji

Rajaji was born on 10 December 1878 in Thorpalli, a village in the Saleem District of Madras. He got his education from Central College Banglore and Presidency College Madras. Moreover, he gained his degree in law and started practising. Soon he was a prosperous young man. However, in 1900, he stepped in politics and became the president of Saleem Municipality. Later he joined Indian National Congress and participate in political activities with full energies. Rajaji also served as the Prime Minister of the Madras presidency from 1937-1940.

Rajaji was a peace-loving man so he resigned from his position when the British imposed war on Germany. When Pakistan movement started he was also an advocate of talks between Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Indian Congress. As a result, he presented his famous C. R. formula in 1946.

Political career after partition

When partition happened and Pakistan and India had become two different countries, he played a major role in the interim government. He served as the Minister of Industry, Supply, Education and Finance. Also, he remained the Governor of West Bengal from 1947 to 1948. Moreover, later he remained the Governor-General of India from 1948 to 1950. However, in 1950, India became a Republic country so Rajaji was the last governor-General. In addition, he also served as the Union Home Minister and Chief Minister of Madras from 1951 to 1954. However, in 1959, he resigned from Congress and founded his own party Swatantra Party.

His party competed Congress in 1962, 1967 and 1971 elections. However, in 1967, he swept the election after making an Anti Congress front in Madras.

Achievements of C Rajaji

Mahatma Gandhi called Rajaji “the keeper of my conscience” because of his brilliance and wisdom. Moreover, he contributed hugely to Indian English literature. He was a great writer. He also composed famous song Kurai Onrum Illai set to Carnatic music. Rajagopalachari died on 25 December 1972 at the age of 94.

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C Rajaji
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