Call of Duty Mobile Beta Download, A Best Warfare Game

Call of Duty Mobile Beta Download is now available after its successful test in India, Australia, and Canada. Here I will tell you all about it what you want to know.

What is Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile?

Tencent studio Timi developed this gaming software in March 2019. The multiplayer mobile games developer has indicated to develop more games in the future. Moreover, the current version of Call of duty is player vs player. However, its additional features are also coming in the near future. Most of its play is on maps and with characters and weapons. However, some modern features will be available in time.

Call of Duty Mobile Beta Download
CoD Mobile Beta download is available everywhere except Mainland China, Vietnam, and Belgium

Is CoD Mobile Beta Download Available Everywhere?

Call of Duty Mobile Beta is available there for all android and ios devices in all countries. However, it is not available in Mainland China, Vietnam and Belgium. You can’t download Call of Duty Mobile Beta in these countries. To download this game, the link is here.

Is This Game is Free of Cost?

CoD Mobile Beta is available here free of cost and is free to play. However, you will have to purchase CoD points to exchange weapons and skin. Moreover, you can also earn these points by playing without spending a single penny.

What are the Modes of Play?

There are three modes of playing in this game. These modes are normal, ranked and private. All modes are team-based and two teams comprising of 5 players each compete. In addition to these modes, it also has a Battle Royale mode similar to PUBG. The game initially has multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, however, more modes and content will be available in the future.

What Maps are available?

Three maps are available in CoD Mobile Beta. These maps are Nuketown from Black Ops, Crash from the Modern Warfare series, and Hijacked from Black Ops 2. However, more will be available in due course of time.