Catan VR The Best Selling Board Game

What is Catan VR?

If you are a lover of board games then Catan VR is the game for you. Moreover, it is one of the best selling board games and you can experience a lot of amazing things while playing this game. It is also a strategic game as well. You can play this game against any player of your choice like your friend or you can choose from Catan AI Personalities. This amazing virtual reality game is worth playing while wearing Oculus Go VR headsets.

About Game

The following are the basic and essential details about this game.

  • Genre: Casual, Social, Strategy
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller
  • Size: 313.8 MB
  • Developer: Experiment 7
  • Download: Find the download link at the end of this post.

The gameplay of Catan VR

Players after entering the virtual world using Oculus Go VR gears, establish colonies on the Catan island. Moreover, these colonies would be on a distance from each other. Hence the players will also build roads, infrastructure and cities to connect these. The game is all about testing your strategic skills as well as social interaction. Also, there you build wheat crop fields, sheep herds, and give it a rural touch to make it a dream island. Simply I can’t describe here how worth is playing this game.

Catan VR Oculus Go

Oculus Go Gears buying

As you have now become well aware that this game is played and controlled by Oculus Go controllers. Therefore, you will have to buy these headsets. Because without these headsets you can’t get into the virtual world. However, to buy Oculus Go Gears, you can visit here.

Game downloading link

The game can be downloaded from app stores of your android and ios. However, if you find any hindrance then you can also download using this link. Download and install game to experience unlimited fun.

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Catan VR
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Catan VR is one of the best selling board games on Oculus Go Controllers. You will experience adventure island, settlers of Catan VR, one of the top strategy game
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