How To Find The Best Long Tail Keywords?

long tail keywords with SEMRush

What about long-tail keywords?

Generally when people search for something on Google they just type a keyphrase. Sometimes when they are not sure about anything they use short keywords containing two words. And they click on the first links of SERP to get information. However, when they want to buy something they will be more specific and use more detailed keyphrases to search. Such keywords may contain five or more words. These are the keywords we call long-tail keywords. Website visitors are more likely to use these key phrases when they are closer to a point-of-purchase or when they’re using voice search.


What is the importance of lengthy keyphrases?

As I have mentioned earlier, long-tail keyphrases show the buyer’s intention either they will just get information or going to buy a product. So, if you are an online business they use long keywords that will enable more people to reach you. This way your site will appear on Google’s first page and eventually, you will get more clicks, business, and revenue. These keywords are also the best for local business SEO.

How can I get long-tail keywords?

The use of long key phrases can get you more organic traffic. So, if you want to find such keywords then what should you do. Well, there are many tools available in the market that can fetch you these keywords. However, every tool is not reliable. What tool should I use? Well, use the SEMRush tool that is the best tool for all your SEO related things. It can fetch you low competitive keywords with a high search volume.

Is SEMRush the best tool for long-tail keywords?

Well, there is no question about it. SEMRush SEO tools are the best to do any SEO task. You want to do the best keywords research, get competitor analysis, and get traffic reports, this tool helps you a lot. Also, you don’t need any prior experience to use this too. Because this tool will send you an ebook as a guide upon signing up to use this tool effectively. While it also offers you an opportunity to join the SEMRush Academy for watching video tutorials.

The best part is you can use this tool as a trial for the first seven days. After that, if you would like to use it further then will need to buy this tool. If you have made up your mind to buy this tool then click this link.