Where To Find Job During NCOV 2019 Crisis?

ncov 2019

What is nCOV 2019?

NCov 2019 or Coronavirus is a virus which causes an infection similar to pneumonia and disturbs the respiratory system. There are many types of coronaviruses but a new virus which has emerged from China has outbroken the world. Moreover, on 31st December 2019, China reported to WHO (World Health Organisation) about this virus. They intimated about unusual Pneumonia in the residents of Wuhan city. However, it has now become a global issue. Moreover, the WHO has declared it as a Global Pandemic on 11th March 2019. Till now, the virus has spread across 152 countries and caused approx 6000 casualties. Here, we are going to have a birds-eye view about this epic virus, However, for full details, visit here.

NCOV 2019
Corona spreads from one person to another and causes shortness of breath

What are the symptoms of nCov 2019?

The symptoms of Korona are very similar to Pneumonia. Moreover, it attacks the respiratory system and causes shortness of breath. Along with this, ncov 2019 also makes a person to suffer from cough, sneezing and fever. However, sometimes it can be very severe and causes death. Though it is very rare that corona causes kidney failure or respiratory system failure yet it is a great threat. Moreover, the irony is that there is no yet any vaccine for this virus.

Also, Korona passes from person to another. A person who possesses corona but doesn’t know spread it unknowingly. Therefore, avoid gathering and use surgical masks for your safety.

The global impact of nCovid

The ncov19 has created panic in the whole world. It has spread across 152 countries and its further spreading. Moreover, it has isolated the world. The world which used to be a global village is now separated. Even the whole countries are lockdown. Moreover, the Korona has forced to close the airports, flight operations and economic activities. The world has seen a huge crash in the stock markets of various countries. Also, it has caused to suspend sports activities, travelling and even jobs in the offices. So, in this critical situation, income generation is a big issue.

Where to find jobs to get income?

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