Charles I of England Children And His Family

Who is Charles I of England?

Before knowing about Charles I of England children we first know who was Charles I. Charles I, the son of James I was the monarch or a King Great Britain. His kingdom consisted of three countries England, Scotland and Ireland. Charles was born in 1600 in Palace buildings England. He became the Kind of three countries at the age of 25 in 1625. Moreover, he ruled for 24 years till his execution on 30 January 1649. He was the man who used to believe in the divine rights of King. That’s why he also quarrelled with the parliament of England after his succession. The reason behind this controversy was that he felt that the parliament is going to curb his Royal Prerogative. However, he was the man of determination and he governed with his conscience. Here, in this article, I am going to tell you briefly about Charles I family and siblings. However, for full details, click here.

Charles I children
Five children of Charles I

Charles I of England children

At the age of 25, when Charles took over the command of the kingdom he married. He tied the knot with Bourbon princess Henrietta Maria of France in 1625. However, before marrying Maria, he had a failed match with the Spanish princess. Moreover, Maria was a Roman Catholic and she had a great religious impact on Charles. Which later created a lot of problems for the king. King and queen both gave birth to five children. However, they have their fists child after five years of their marriage. The details of their children are as follows.

  1. Charles II of England (29 May 1630 to 06 February 1685)
  2. Mary, Princess Royal (04 November 1631 to 24 December 1660)
  3. Elizabeth Stuart (28 December 1635 to 8 September 1650)
  4. Henry, Duke of Gloucester (8 July 1640 to 13 September 1660)
  5. Princess Henrietta Anne (16 June 1644 to 30 June 1670)

Charles II lived long among all the children. He died at the age of 55. Also, he became the King of England, Scotland and Ireland after the execution of his father.

Execution of Charles

As Charles used to believe in the divine rights of King, he made decisions on his own. Moreover, he quarrelled with the parliament over the power of the king. So, the tension started building between the two. However, his religious reforms were fuel in the fire. Charles started to promote Roman Catholic again. But the parliament and people could not digest it. They started trialling the king and House of the Commons impose the charges of treason on him.

However, the house of Lords refused such charges and also the justices of the court also favoured him. But House of Commons again made an act after passing the bill. They created the new court and the king received a death sentence.

On 30 January 1649 at the age of 48, he died because of execution.

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Charles I of England children
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Charles I of England children
Charles I of England children were 5. One of his child Charles II became the King. Charles married Henrietta Maria of France after failed Spanish match.