Cmoar VR Cinema to Watch Videos in Realistic Sceneries

What about Cmoar VR Cinema?

No one is there who does not love to watch movies in his leisure. Moreover, the self-quarantine and lockdown amid COVID-19 have created a huge love for movies to spend time at home. However, will you like some innovation while watching the movies? In other words, watch movies in virtual reality to feel some kind of exciting experience. Yeah, definitely you will never deny it, then download and install Cmoar VR Cinema and use it with Oculus Go VR Gears. After that I am sure, you are going to have an immersive experience of watching movies.

Details about application

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best VR cinema apps. Here are the details about it you need to know.

  • Genre: Media Player, Movie, Utility
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Single User
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 255.1 MB
  • Developer: Pixel Edge Games
  • Download: Find like at the end of this article.

Features of Cmoar VR Cinema

Though you will fell in love after using this app because of the amazing experience you will have. However, some important features of this app are the following.

  • All media format support: VR cinema supports all formats of media as well as 4K.
  • Youtube support: It also supports youtube to search and watch youtube VR videos.
  • User Login: The app also has a facility to log in to your account like youtube etc.
  • History: It also maintains the history of videos you have watched. Therefore, you can also find your last watched videos.
  • Embedded Audio and subtitles: The app also offers you to turn on subtitles as well as embedded audio.
Cmoar VR Cinema Oculus Go
VR Cinema with dynamic lighting has an amazing display

Oculus Go VR at cheap rates

To watch the best free VR movies, you should have Oculus Go headsets along with the Cmoar VR cinema. Therefore, if you want to get your Oculus Go gadgets then click here to buy at a cheap price.

Link to download Cmoar VR Cinema

The app can also be downloaded from Google play store and ios app store if you are using smartphones. However, you can download it on your PC by clicking this link.

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Cmoar VR Cinema
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