Earn COMP Coin Free With Coinbase

What is COMP Coin?

Cryptocurrencies are not coming slow down since March 2020. Bitcoin is going to reach its new all-time high which will make its price rise 1200%. Resultantly people are making huge profits through Binance trading as well as Coinbase exchange. While many people are inclining towards this market. Crypto communities are also helping people to trade effectively. Apart from big coins like BTC, and ETH small cryptocurrencies are also making a good move. COMP Coin is also one of those new currencies. It is an ERC-20 token used for governing the Compound protocol.

Earn comp coin on coinbaseHow to get free COMP crypto tokens?

Well, there are two ways to get these coins either you buy them on a crypto exchange (or ask someone to transfer to your wallet) or earn them free. The second way looks more attractive as you don’t need to spend money. How can I get free compound coin? Well, it is as simple as taking a cup of tea. Just click this link and learn about the compound coin on Coinbase and in return, you will get coins as a reward. Amazingly, you can earn coins for just learning about that cryptocurrency.

How does Compound cryptocurrency work?

COMP is the governance crypto token of Compound Protocol which is a lending and borrowing platform i. e Defi staking. While all lenders and borrowers on this platform receive these crypto tokens of a specific amount. This is also to keep in mind that it only happens when an Ethereum block is mined in an amount proportional to the interest accrued by each asset. The price of this coin is relatively low so you can play safely with this. Therefore, start earning it for free from here.

Advantages of earning on Coinbase

Though I am referring you to earn free crypto from Coinbase yet you think what are the reasons for earning from that exchange. The following are the possible reasons.

  • A free reward of up to $59
  • Earn COMP only for learning about it
  • After completing each lesson you will get the reward
  • Trading on Coinbase with these free tokens

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