Crypto Tourism-Now Book Tours spending Cryptocurrency

What is crypto tourism?

The only issue with cryptocurrencies was to use and spend it in our daily life in an easy way. First of all, you would have to convert it into any local currency and then withdraw it for spending. However, it is being streamlined while introducing innovative ideas. Binance cards and Coinbase visa cards are some of the examples to shop with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. Similarly, now cryptocurrency holders can book their hotels and accommodation while paying with crypto. This is what we call crypto tourism. This is also a great source to interact with other crypto traders.

Crypto tourism with TravalaHow can I book hotels using my crypto assets?

Well, Travala is a platform there that allows its users to spend their digital assets like Bitcoin, and Ethereum, etc to book their tours. However, first of all, create your account on Travala by clicking here. After that, you will be able to use your crypto assets for booking tours.

But this is also to keep in mind that before booking you will have to buy Ava tokens using Bitcoin from any exchange. But Binance trading or Coinbase is more favorable for this. So, convert your crypto assets into Ava on these exchanges. Later, you can use these tokens for payments to book your tours.

What is the benefit of booking with crypto?

The tourism industry is the second-fastest-growing industry in the world. However, it also involves many intermediaries which may result in loss of information, delay as well as financial loss. Every middle man or agent will get his part of the commission. While paying with crypto can reduce the loss and delay and you can deal directly with the company. That’s why companies like Travala have developed their system using blockchain technology to accept cryptocurrencies.

Why should I use Travala for crypto tourism?

The main reason for using Travala is its blockchain technology and not intermediaries. Moreover, you can use your cryptocurrencies on daily shopping, etc. The following are the other reasons you should book a tour with Travala.

  • Huge discount on 2.2 million hotels worldwide
  • Payment through cryptocurrency or credit card
  • Extremely safe and secure. No leakage of information
  • 0.71 million positive reviews already
  • Earn Ava tokens as a reward also

Apart from this, there is 24/7 customer support also that can resolve any issues you will be facing.

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