Dark Corner The World’s Most Thrilling VR Experience

What is Dark Corner?

Do you which is the world’s most thrilling and provocative virtual reality VR experience? Yes? No? Well, don’t stress your mind. I am here to disclose all about it. Dark Corner VR on Oculus Go is one of those games that offers you a variety of genres. You can feel horror, suspense, scientific adventures, and whatnot. Moreover, you can watch also movies on it like you are watching on a big screen in a theatre. Just download it and have the world’s most immersive VR experience.


It is a film narration game, however, you should know the following details about it before going for it.

  • Genre: Horror, Movie, Narrative
  • Language: English, English (US)
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 159 MB
  • Developer: Dark Corner, LLC
  • Download: Check and find the link at the bottom of this article to download the game.

The gameplay of Dark Corner VR

It has a variety of genres, so you can enjoy each and every bit of this game in virtual reality after using Oculus Go Controller. There you can watch and feel horrors, watch films of your choice, and have an immersive 360 VR experience. No doubt, it is one of the best thrilling games ever. Also, it is a game over movies and you can download movies as well using it. There are both free and premium versions of this film narration game.

Dark corner Oculus Go
Have an immersive VR experience during the game

How to obtain Oculus Go at a cheap price?

You can enjoy this thrilling game until you have Oculus Go Controller. Because the controller is a necessary item to play and control the gameplay. If you don’t have it before then order it right now from here.

Download Dark Corner

You can download this game by simply clicking here. However, for your smartphones, download it from the Android or ios app store.

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Dark Corner
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