Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan, A Land of Flowers

Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan is one of the amazing places to visit in Pakistan. The meaning of Deosai is the land of giants. However, this place is only accessible in the Summer season. Eight months in a year, these plains remain covered with snow. However, in summer it is the best place to visit. There are flowers everywhere in the summer although there is not a single any other plant. To know more about Deosai Plains click here.

Location of Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan

Deosai Plains are in Gilgit Baltistan, the northern area of Pakistan. These plains are on the boundary of Himalaya and Karakoram. Moreover, these are more than 4000 meters above the sea level which increases its attraction. Moreover, these are the world’s second-highest plateau. The total area of the plains is 3000 square kilometres.

Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan
                          A beautiful view of Deosai Plains and meadows

Tourist Points and Guide

Deosai Plains are 30 Kilometres away from Skardu and most tourists go to plains via Skardu. It takes one hour from city to reach there. The greenery and excess of wildflowers makes these plains worth to visit. The view in the summer is something which will amuse you in the rest of your life. There is also a park where you can see the different species of birds and animals.

Sheosar Lake is also there to amuse you with its beauty. It has deep blue water which can mesmerise you. The snow-covered mountains, a lake of blue water and greenery with flowers will surely give peace to your mind.

Season to Visit the plains

The best season to visit this place is the Summer season. Because there remain snow in the most part of the year and in the Winter. Moreover, travelling also becomes harder due to snowfall. So, you should visit Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan in summer to fully enjoy the visit.

Hotels for Tourists in Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan

There are many hotels to accommodate the tourists in Deosai Plains. Hotel One Skardu, Hotel Mashabrum and Skardu Villas are some of the best hotels there to stay.

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Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan
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Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan
Deosai Plains Gilgit Pakistan is the world's 2nd highest plateau. These plains are 4000 metres above the sea level. In Summer wildflower and greenery amuse
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