Earn Free BAND By Learning It On Coinbase

About BAND Protocol

In an era where the crypto market has become the hottest market for investing in the number of cryptocurrencies is also increasing. Moreover, the pandemic has also forced people to find new ways of earning and cryptocurrency is one of those. While a huge surge in crypto prices has fetched them the best ROI. Similarly, the BAND protocol is also one of those famous currencies that have a good market cap. It is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Here I will tell you how you can earn free BAND coins.

Coinbase band earn bandWhat is the way to earn free BAND coins?

Well, earning BAND coins for free is very easy. You don’t need to complete any tough tasks. Instead, it is like learn and earn. Yes, simply you need to learn about this currency crypto, and eventually, after completion of each lesson, you will get rewards in the form of BAND. But how? This question might be tickling in your mind so the answer is Coinbase earn platform that offers free crypto for learning.

How can I get BAND for free on Coinbase?

As I have mentioned above it is earning crypto by learning crypto. However, follow the following steps.

  • First of all, create your account on Coinbase by clicking here
  • After that, you need to go to the learning page. To land on the BAND learning page directly click this link.
  • Complete the course and tutorials
  • After completion of each lesson get your reward.

Hence you can get this coin for free and in the easiest way.

Why should I learn in Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the best-decentralized crypto exchanges in the world. Apart from trading services, it also offers learning opportunities with rewards. For learning BAND it offers you worth $82 crypto reward. Moreover, it is not just limited to BAND alone but there are other currencies as well i.e COMP and XLM that you can earn by learning. Therefore, take the advantage of this opportunity and earn it for free.

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