End Space-Experience Fighting in Space with Oculus Go

What is End Space?

Becoming a fighter pilot is used to be a dream of many youngsters. However, if you could not become a pilot in the real world, here is an opportunity for you to fulfill your dream in the virtual world. Yes, I am saying this right. End Space is a game that offers you to fight in the space as a pilot. Moreover, this game, since its launching has ruled the world of games. It earned a nomination for the game of the year in 2017. Also, it is the highest scored game with 9.3/10. The Oculus Go VR Gear supported game has earned the title of the best game too.

Details of the game

The details about its developers, its genres and other aspects are as under.

  • Genre: Action, Flying, Space/Universe
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller
  • Size: 718.3 MB
  • Developer: Orange Bridge Studios
  • Download: Downloading link is available at the end of this article

The gameplay of End Space

To be honest, this is one of the most exciting and thrilling games I have ever come across. Moreover, In the game, you fight to gain control over the Tartarus Sector. The United Trade Consortium wants to regain control of it but the Tartarus Liberation Front is not giving up and is emerging as a strong enemy. Thus you will become a fighter pilot for the United Trade Federation and have a chance to show your best fighting abilities as a pilot. Also, you will use missiles, cannon and aerospace technology to wipe out the enemies. However, to control all your motions, you will have to get Oculus Go Controller.

Where to buy Oculus Go Controller?

Well, your dream to become a fighter pilot is just one step away. You will have to get your Oculus Go VR headsets as well as downloading the game in your device. The question is where to get these headsets. But the solution is also here, you can click here to get these awesome VR headsets to enjoy End Space game.

End Space Oculus Go
The game offers you to become a fighter pilot

How to download End Space?

After acquiring your VR headsets, now you are all set to become a fighter pilot in a virtual world. But, yeah, you will have to download this game first in your device. If you are using an android device then just download it from Google Playstore. However, to download in PC or you find any difficulty while downloading in your mobile then download using this link.

Where to find more games like this?

Well, if your interest has built to play more games like this after going through exciting End Space then visit here. You will many thrilling VR games.

End Space
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End Space
End Space is one of the best Oculus Go games in the world. As a fighter pilot, you fight in space to get control of the Tartarus sector. Fight in space is a thrill
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