FDR Aka Franklin Roosevelt The 32nd President of USA

Who is FDR?

FDR or Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States of America. Franklin who born on 30 January 1882 remained the president from 1933 until his death in 1945. Moreover, he was a member of the Democratic Party of America. It is also worth mentioning here that he remained president for a record 12 years.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his office

Franklin father Theodore Roosevelt also remained the U. S. A president. Moreover, FDR is often considered as the greatest president of America along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Let’s explore here the early life and presidency term of Franklin. However, to read complete details about him, click here.

Early Life and Career

FDR graduated from Groton School and Harvard College. He also attended Columbia Law School but he left school when he passed the bar exams. However, he started practising law in New York City in 1907. In 1908, FDR got a job in the prestigious law firm of Carter Ledyard & Milburn, He started working there in the firm’s admiralty law division.

On 17 March 1905, Franklin married Eleanor in New York City. She was the 5th cousin of FDR and acquainted her since childhood. Moreover, She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. In 1908, they had twin babies together. FDR had also various extramarital affairs.

Political Career of FDR

Franklin used to have a huge interest in politics because of belonging to a political family. The major breakthrough in his political career was when he won the election of New York State Senate in 1910. Hence he served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under the president Woodrow Wilson. In 1920, Franklin was the running mate of Jimmy Cox but Warren G Harding defeating him. In 1921, Franklin contracted some disease and his legs were permanently paralyzed. During the course, he also founded the treatment centre in Warm Springs, Georgia, for people with poliomyelitis. Despite his inability to walk, he won the election of Governor of New York in 1928 and served until 1933.

FDR as a president

In the 1932 presidential election, Franklin defeated Republican president Herbert Hoover in a landslide. He took charge of the office during the worst economic situation named as Great Depression. However, he coped with all the challenges and emerged as the greatest president of America. Also, he did many reforms and passed various bills to improve the governance. Moreover, he ran major surviving programs to uplift America in the crisis.

Roosevelt’s performance forced people to elect him for 4th consecutive term. However, he could not complete his 4th term as he died in his office on 12 Apr 1945.

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FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president of America. President Roosevelt served for a record period from 1933 to 1945. FDR father was also 26th