Fiji Islands the Most Attractive Holiday Destination

Fiji Islands, a brief intro

Fiji islands are famous in the world to spend holidays. Moreover, Fiji is the country of the islands. There are approx 330 islands in the country and 522 small islets to attract the tourists. One-third of these islands are inhabited. Fiji, a Melanesia country has a special attraction for the world and covers 1.3 millions square kilometres of Pacific Ocean. One can just imagine its beauty. In other words, we can say that it is heaven on earth. Moreover, the country is situated near Australia and New Zealand, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. Fiji is 2000 kilometres away from New Zealand in the northeast direction while 4644 kilometres from Australia. For more details, visit here.

Fiji underwater resort
Beautiful view of a bedroom of underwater resort

Famous Islands of Fiji

Well, as you have read above that Fiji is the home of islands. Moreover, It is almost impossible to explore all the islets of Fiji. However, there are some most famous and amazing island to visit among those. Monuriki Island, Taveuni and Viti Levu are the most popular among tourists. Moreover, Monuriki Island is the crowning jewel of all islands while Taveuni is the Garden Island of Fiji. These islands leave an everlasting impression on the tourists. For example Tagimoucia flower you can only find at Taveuni. So, there are a lot more such things which you will experience first-ever time there. Moreover, apart from these, here are the most iconic islands of Fiji you must visit there.

  • Caqalai
  • Nacula
  • Lakeba
  • Kadavu
  • Waya Island
  • Qamea
  • Vatulele
  • Beqa
  • Katafanga Island

These are the some most beautiful places to visit to spend wonderful holidays.

Underwater Resort

Well, when you are in Fiji then must have the experience to stay in this wonderful underwater resort. The resort is in Katafangana Island. It has an underwater restaurant, bar, spa, library, wedding chapel and a luxury suite. Moreover, there are many other facilities to avail and enjoy. However, spending time in an underwater resort is once in a lifetime experience. So, always keep these places

To explore more such places click here.

Fiji Islands
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Fiji Islands
Fiji Islands are the most popular places to spend holidays. Monuriki Island, Kadavu Islands, Taveuni Fiji, underwater resort Fiji are the best places
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