G Eazy Halsey Relationship and All you Want to Know

What about G Eazy Halsey?

G Eazy Halsey is not just a single name. The duo is, in fact, love birds and a combo of two famous singers. Gerald Earl Gillum who born on 24 May 1989 is an American star rapper. Moreover, she is professionally known as G Eazy. He earned fame because of his album These Things Happen. Also, his album secured 3rd position on the US Billboard 200. After that, he also gave many hit numbers like When It’s Dark Out and The Beautiful & Damned. Moreover, G Eazy concerts grabbed huge attention of the public.

g eazy halsey
One of the lovely moments of G Eazy and Halsey

While Halsey is also a famous and star American singer and songwriter. Ashley Nicolette Frangipane whose professional and stage name is Halsey has earned number 1 spot on the Billboard 200. Her that famous album was the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in 2017. Later, the 25 years old singer also gave two number-two albums on the chart. Moreover, her most famous albums are Badlands and Manic. Apart from the albums, her singles have also topped the chart. Her famous singles are Closer, The Chainsmoker, Without Me and Bad at Love.

Halsey and G-Eazy relationship

There is a very familiar phrase “young love burns hot and fast” and this is correct for G Eazy and Halsey. Also, Hollywood is a place where one-day celebrities are together and are making out. While the other day, they will be blaming each other. Similar happened to both Eazy and Halsey. They started dating in the Summer of  2017. However, they made it to the public when Haley joined Eazy in his concert in New Orleans on 30 August 2017. As relationships tend to do, things started cooking further between the two. However, rumours rose there that they have broken up.

Break up, Reunite and Break up

Eazy and Hasley, initially, spent some lovely and sensual time. They always took social media to express their feelings for each other. On 23rd birthday of Halsey on 29 September 2017, Eazy made Halsey to feel very special. He, in a concert, made all of his crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” for Halsey. However, despite all these moves, they broke up in July 2018.

Moreover, they came together again in a fashion show proving all critics wrong. But later on 24 October 2018, Halsey took to Instagram and announced their break up. The reason behind the break up was the flirty behaviour of G Eazy towards other girls in the parties.

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