Gojal Valley Khunjerab Pakistan an Amazing Place

Silk Gojal valley Khunjerab Pakistan is another a beautiful place to visit. Nature lies here with its full extent. It is one of the best places in Pakistan to spend your holidays. Moreover, the high mountains of this valley is another treat. The valley is 15397 feet above the sea level and snow covers the mountain all long year.

Location of Gojal Valley Khunjerab Pakistan

Gojal valley is on the border of China and Afghanistan. It is in the extreme north of Pakistan close to China. A place Chiporsun is there which touches the Wakhan region of Afghanistan. Karakoram Highway which connects Pakistan and China also passes through this valley. Moreover, it is also the largest tehsil of Gilgit Baltistan. It also touches the Hunza valley, another beautiful place to visit. To know more you may visit here.

Gojal Valley Pakitan
                                 A beautiful view of Gojal Valley Khunjerab

Tourists Places

The valley is the special creation of God. He has poured nature here with generosity. The mountain, snowfall and beautiful small villages are there to enjoy. The first place of the valley to visit is Shishkat village. Gojal Lake is also there in this village which attracts the tourists mostly. This village is famous for cultural festivals and hospitality of the people. The Lupghar Sar mountain “Top of the big rock” is also in this valley to climb. This mountain is 7200 meter from sea level, the world’s 109th tallest mountain. The many other places to visit are Gulmit, Ghulkin Gojal, Hussaini Village, and Gircha.

Moreover, this valley is also known as the home of the poets. It has witnessed many great poets of history.

Season to visit Gojal Valley

The valley is 14000 feet above the sea level, so there is a snow-fall entire year. In Winter season, travelling is much harder than in Summer. So, the recommended season to visit this valley is the Summer season.

Hotels in Gojal Valley Khunjerab Pakistan

For the stay of tourists, there are many beautiful hotel and resorts in this valley. Eden Lake View Hotel, Glacier Breeze Restaurant and Silk Route Lodge are the best places to stay.

So, whenever you visit Pakistan, you should visit this valley. It is, no doubt, a piece of heaven on the earth. To know more about such places in Pakistan visit here.

gojal valley khunjerab pakistan
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gojal valley khunjerab pakistan
Gojal Valley Khunjerab Pakistan is one of the beautiful places in Gilgit Baltistan, the northern areas of Pakistan. Gojal valley is on the border of China
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