Gymnasia-Have A Complete 360-Degree Experience

What about Gymnasia?

Do you want to know about one of the truly animation games? Where you can recall any of your memory and it will display you on the screen with stop motion technologies. Gymnasia is the name of that game. Moreover, it is one of the best VR experiences you have ever had. Also, it the first collaboration between the National Film Board of Canada, Felix & Paul Studios, and Clyde Henry Productions. But, remember, Oculus Go VR Gears are the necessary items to play this amazing game.

Details about game

The following are the details of the best VR Anime game.

  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Language: English, French (Canada)
  • Mode: Singleplayer
  • Controls: Oculus Go Controller, VR Gears
  • Size: 31.5 MB
  • Developer: Felix & Paul Studios
  • Download: The Link is at the end of this article to download the game

The gameplay of Gymnasia

It was one of the award-winning games because of its exciting gameplay. With the Oculus Go, once you start playing the game. a wonderful world of virtual reality awaits you there. You can experience 360 VR anime and recall one of your school days memories. The project flawlessly blends 3D 360-degree video, stop-motion, miniatures, and CGI, and pushes the art of puppet animation into uncharted territory. Overall, it is one of the best VR anime games.

Gymnasia Oculus Go
Recall and experience the school days in 360 VR animation

How to best buy Oculus Go Gears

As you have known so far that this game requires Oculus Go VR Gears to be played. But the question is from where and how you can get it at a low price and with the best quality. Here is the solution, just click on this link and order your gadgets right now at a lower price.

Download Gymnasia

By simply clicking this link, you can download this game of virtual reality animation. However, to download on your smartphones, explore the respective app stores.

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