How To Disinfect A Cut Using Essential Oils?

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural and organic oils that are extracted from the leaves of some specific plants. The other names of essential oils are volatile oils, ethereal oils, and Aetheroleum. Moreover, these oils have huge benefits especially in the field of medicine. Also, these oils extract the scent of the plants, flavor, and essence. While mechanical method like cold pressing is used to get these oils. Let’s explore here how to disinfect a cut using these essential oils.

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How to disinfect a cut with essential oils?

Well, an open cut or wound may have more chances get an infection as well as germs. Therefore, you can use essential oils to disinfect the cut. The anti-flammotary or antimicrobial properties of essential oils keep infection and inflammation from the cut and wounds. Also, you can do an aromatherapy massage to get amazing benefits because there are magical lavender health benefits. So, you can wash your cut and wounds with oil to disinfect them.

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