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Who is Jean Tiersen?

People often say that if there would have no music in the world there has been nothing then. Musician and the persons associated with entertain and music are the most loved ones. Jean Tiersen is one of them as well. He is a French musician and composer. Jean, who is also famous as Yann Tiersen was born on 23 June 1970 in Brest, Brittany, France.

Jean tiersen
Jean Tiersen while playing one of his instruments

Yann is most famous for his studio albums. He himself says they people refer me as to a composer but actually I am not. Moreover, his music involves a lot of instrument. Here, we come to know about his early life and career. However, to get complete details about him, click here.

Early Life

Yann was very keen to learn music from an early age. At the age of four, he started learning Piano. While at the age of 6, he was busy to learn violin. Also, he attended various academies and institutes to fulfil his dream. During his teenage, he was much influenced by Punk subculture and bands like The Stooges and Joy Division. Hence there was a huge passion in him to become like them

At the age of 13, he bought an electric guitar and formed his own bands. Though his band lasted for just a few years yet he met a lot of his idols and learned a lot.

Professional career of Jean

After dissolving the brand he started to work on his own. He bought some cheap instruments like a mixing desk, 8 track reel to reel tape recorder and started recording using a synthesizer. Hence he got some attention and he recorded background music for a number of short films and plays. During the course, Yann released two albums and a film scored on his own name. However, he got domestic fame because of his 3rd album The Light House in 1998.

Jean was popular just in France until the release of his score for the acclaimed film The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain in 2001. This earned him a lot of awards like BAFTA Awards and Ceaser Awards etc. So far, he has released 9 albums with a lot of fame and many collaborations.

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Jean Tiersen
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Jean Tiersen
Jean Tiersen is a famous French musician and composer. Tiersen Yann became famous because of his film score The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain. Tiersen
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