Jebel Hafeet Park, Moutains in Desert to Visit in UAE

Jebel Hafeet Park, a beautiful mountain is in the region of Tawam. However, it is close to the border between Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Jabel Hafeet mountain is an outlier of Al Hajar mountain. It is now also part of the National Park since 2017. Moreover, its incorporation is into the Sheikh Zayed Network of Protected Areas since 2018.

Jabal hafeet park
UNESCO inscribed Jebel Hafeet tomb as Cultural Sites of Al Ain in 1993

Jebel Hafeet Park Height and Climate

The mountain is 900 meters or 2900 feet above the plain ground. It consists of shallow marine rocks. The uniqueness of this peak is that it is surrounded by desert. The climate of the mountain is a typical desert alike. In other words, it is very warm and hot. The average rainfall is 77 millimeters here in a year. That’s why the average temperature here is 27.1-degree centigrade. Moreover, this temperature remains the most part of the year. However, it comes down under 25 degrees centigrade from October to March. For more details, you may visit here.

Tourists Spots

There are many tourist spots in these mountains. You can have a beautiful view of Al Ain city from top of it. Moreover, an extensive natural cave system winds through Jabal Hafeet. There are a lot of caves around it. Some of them even have a depth of 150 meters. There are also two ridges which attract visitors. One of them is Nagfa Ridge and the other is West Ridge. Moreover, there is a Green Mubazzarah, Children’s play park and a small dam to visit.

World’s greatest driving Road

Beneath the mountain, there is a hot spring and lake which attracts the tourists very much. The road which leads to Jebel Hafeet is itself a treat to watch. There is a twisting mountain drive while traveling to it. It is a three-lane road with 60 turns and rises up to 1200 meters. Moreover, this road has been declared as the world’s greatest driving road by

After all, the United Arab Emirates is a paradise for tourists. You must visit it once in life. To explore more tourist places in UAE.

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