JFK Affairs And All His Secret Relationships

What about JFK and his affairs?

The 35th president of America JFK affairs are many and numerous are in the light. Moreover, he used to have an image of playboy in his era. Even after becoming the president of the USA, his secret affairs continued. Also, rumours are there that JFK’s affairs were a huge disturbing thing between Jackie Kennedy and JFK relationship. John F. Kennedy was like a Don John, very fond of women. People also accused hin that he used his assistant David Powers to bring willing women to him. Here, I am going doing to pen down briefly about JFK’s affairs. However, to read full details, click here.

JFK's affairs
The women with whom JFK allegedly had an affair

Affairs with Blaze Star

John F. Kennedy had a secret love affair with Blaze Star “The Hottest Blaze in Burlesque”, an American Stripper. The lady herself admitted in 1989 that she had an affair with JFK before he became the president. Moreover, Blaze described JFK as very quick and very wild.

Pamela Turnure

Pamela Turnure who was the press secretary of JFK’s wife Jackie Kendenny had also had a two years secret relation with JFK. Her affair with JFK came into light when Larry J. Sabato revealed in the book “The Kennedy Half-Century. Moreover, rumours are there that she had an affair with the president when she was 21 years old.

Marilyn Monroe’s affairs with JFK

Marilyn affair with John F. Kennedy remained more in the news than any other. The Hollywood actress was famous for her unique style of dressing and playing character “Blonde Bombshell”. First-time public opened up bout their relationship when she wished birthday to JFK in a very seductive and sultry voice. Later, there were also rumours that she is going to marry Kennedy soon. However, she died of an overdose at the age of 36.

Mimi Alford

Mimi Alford was an intern at the White House. She herself revealed in his book “Once Upon a Secret: My Affair With John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath”. She said that JFK seduced her at the age of 19 and we had an eighteenth-month relationship. Moreover, she also wrote that JFK was never in sight of 2nd marriage. He used to have a few days affair.

Gunilla Von Post

Gunilla Von Post also revealed in her book “Love, Jack” about her affair with John F. Kennedy. She wrote that I had an affair with JFK for six years from 1953 to 1959. Moreover, she also wrote about their intimate and private meetings. She claimed that JFK called my father and told I am going to marry her and would divorce Jackie. However, my father advised him to not do this as this act will ruin his political career.

There is a long list of JFK’s affairs that’s why he carried the title of a playboy. He allegedly also dated the following women too.

  • Mary Pinchot Meyer
  • Angie Dickinson
  • Ellen Rometsch
  • Jill Cowen

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JFK affairs
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