Jiufen Old Street Taiwan, A Charming Village

What about Jiufen Old Street Taiwan?

Jiufen Old Street Taiwan has a huge attraction for tourists across the world. Moreover, it is more famous for its narrow streets. But remember that before getting the status of a tourists spot, the city was famous for gold mining. Mining tunnels and its remnants are still there as evidence. Jiufen old street is one of the narrowest street which has many food stalls, gift shops, teahouses and pottery shops along both sides. So, whenever you will visit this street you will find a lot of rush there. However, you should go there without minding the crowd and feel an amazing experience there. Here I am going to tell you briefly about the old street. However to read more in details, just click here.

jiufen old street taiwan
Beautiful Lantern Teahouse of Jiufen

Location and way to reach old street

Jiufen is a small village surrounded by mountains in Taiwan. And the old street is in this beautiful village. Moreover, the Jiufen is 39 kilometres away from Taipei and it takes 40 minutes to reach there.

Well, when you have arrived in Taipei then it is a lot easy to reach Jiufen. There you can find a taxi, shuttle bus or public transport. If you are a group then the cheapest way is to book a taxi. However, if you are a couple then you can choose other ways. While public transport or bus will board off you at Old street station after travelling for 1.5 hours. Moreover, if you want to explore the beauty of hills then shuttle bus is the best way for you.

What to do in Jiufen old street?

The old street is full of entertainment and amusement for the visitors. Walking in the narrow street with a huge crowd has its own excitement. The shops along the street will surely attract you to buy the gifts for your beloved ones. After that, there is a famous Lantern Teahouse, you must visit this teahouse for once in a lifetime experience.

Lantern Tea house is the most beautiful, picturesque and decorated teahouse of the Jiufen. Sitting with your partner while sipping tea in a romantic environment will have a longlasting impression on you. Moreover, traditional Taiwanese food will also remember always in your mind.

Season to visit

Normally Jiufen has a very cold climate so the best time to visit is from March to July and September to December. Because in these months the temperature remains a bit warm and also limited rainfall.

To explore more about such beautiful spots, visit here.

jiufen old street taiwan
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jiufen old street taiwan
Jiufen old street taiwan is one of the narrow street in Jiufen village. It is a huge toursit attraction. Jiufen Taiwan is itself a beautiful village at hill
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