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What about Jordan Peterson Tammy Peterson?

Jordan Peterson Tammy Peterson are husband and wife and a love duo. They both married in 1989 and since then are living life happily. Moreover, Jordan Peterson born on 12th June 1962, is a well-known Canadian personality. He is famous for many reasons and does many jobs for the interest of the public. Moreover, he is a clinical psychologist, an author and a scholar. The list does not end here because he is also a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Besides these, he is also Youtube videos and podcasts creator. Moreover, he is also famous for having outspoken views on gender identity and masculinity.

Jordan and Tammy
The happy moments of Jordan and Tammy Peterson

Tammy Peterson was also a clinical psychologist in Canada. She was born on 3rd June 1965 and initially started her career as a massage therapist. But after marrying with Jordan, she started working as his advisor. For full details, click here.

Relationship between Tammy and Jordan

Jordan and his wife Tammy Peterson used to know each other from a tender age. Moreover, they also used to work together. Hence, as they know each other since their childhood so they had feelings for each other. As a result, they got married in 1989. They have been together for 29 years and have one son and one daughter.

After six years of marriage, Tammy chose to become a Foster mother. Because she has an immense love for the kids. Moreover, Jordan supported her in each and everything she adopted. They are a real soul mate.

Tammy’s battle with Cancer

Jordan Peterson while speaking to The Times revealed that his wife has suffered from Cancer. Moreover, he said that she had gone through two surgeries and is yet uncertain. Further, he said,

My wife is very ill. She has had two surgeries in last couple of month. And also suffering from severe complications from the last one.

Also, Jordan stood by her and took her from hospital to hospital and even in the United States for treatment. Hence, she is now heading towards recovery.

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Jordan Peterson Tammy Peterson
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Jordan Peterson Tammy Peterson
Jordan Peterson Tammy Peterson both are husband and wife since 1989 and both are clinical psychologists in Canada. Jordan is more famous for political views
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