Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan, A Must Visit Destination

Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan is another mesmeric place to visit in Pakistan. The northern areas of Pakistan are full of natural beauty. And Kalam valley is one among those beauties. This valley has lush green hills in its surrounding and thick forests. Moreover, Kalam valley has the most beautiful lakes, waterfalls and meadows. The beauty of this valley can mesmerize anyone. Once you visit this place you will never forget the memories. Some essential information about the valley, I shall narrate here. However, to get more details you may visit here.

Location & Way to Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan

Kalam Valley is in District Swat of Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is along the bank of River Swat. Moreover, it is the birthplace of the river Swat. However, the distance of Kalam valley is 99 kilometres from Mingora city. The valley is 2000 meters (6600 feet) above sea level and has very pleasant weather in the Summer.

Kalam Valley
An amazing view of Mohadand Lake in Kalam Valley

From Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, the valley is 333 kilometres away. It will take approx 8 hours via Motorway to reach there. However, from Peshawar, the capital city of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is 241 kilometres away.

Attractions of Kalam Valley

Swat valley is full of natural beauty and Kalam is also its sub-valley. It has also mesmerizing places and views to amuse its visitors. Matiltan is a place there which is the location of large glaciers. Moreover, there are thick forests and loft hill peaks too. Matiltan is 11 kilometres away from Kalam. Then there are many beautiful lakes in the valley. Mahodand Lake is the largest and the most beautiful lake in the valley. Kundal Lake and Glacial lake are also there to please the visitors.

Season to Visit the Valley

Kalam valley is open in all seasons for visiting. However, people mostly prefer to visit in Summer due to its pleasant weather. The average temperature here is 13.4-degree centigrade. People who love snowfall also visit in the winter.

Hotels in Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan

There are many hotels in the valley for tourists. Some popular hotel among those are Galaxy Hotel, Summer Queen Hotel and Woods Resort Kalam. The average room rent for one-night stay is approx $150-200.

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Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan
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Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan
Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan is a land of beauty with Mohadand lake, pleasant weather and many other kalam lakes. The distance from Mingora to kalam is 99 Km
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