King Longshanks The Edward I of England

What about King Longshanks?

King Longshanks was the 5th king of England. Also, he was famous as Edward I, Edward Longshanks and Hammer of the Scots. Moreover, he was the first son of Henry III and before being king people used to call him “Lord Edward”. The king born on 18th June 1239 and became the King of England in 1274 after his father’s death. Moreover, he used to take part actively in political activities during his father’s reign. Also, he played a huge role to curb the baronial reform movement and defeated the rebellions. To cover all about the King’s life require enough space and time. However, let us have a brief look. For further details, you can read here.

King Longshanks built castles
Castles which Longshanks built

The early life of the King

Edward who born in the Palace of Westminster to King Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. His father named him Edward because of Edward the confessor. Moreover, during his teens, he had serious health issues. However, he grew surprisingly as his height was 6 feet 2 inches. He was tall from all his friends and contemporaries. This is the reason that he was famous as “Longshanks”. Moreover, the meanings of Longshanks are “long legs” or “long shins”. The historian narrates that his log arms offered him an advantage during wars as a swordman. Moreover, Edward remained under the influence of many people including the Savoyards the relatives of his mother.

Political Liberty of King Longshanks

Well, from an early age he used to have different political views from his father and other contemporaries. That’s why he first supported the baronial reform movement. But later he had to change his views and he supported his father and fought against the rebellions. He showed great valour and courage during the wars against rebellions.

Reign of Edward

Though Edward I used to have a fierce temper yet he had great administrative abilities. During his reign, he spent most of his time to reform common laws and royal administration. Moreover, he probed through inquiries the tenure of many feudal reigns. However, then again some rebellions raised their heads in 1276-77. But he again extinguished all the campaigns. After that, he brought Wales under English rule and built many castles and towns to facilitate them. Later, he turned towards Scotland but it was a hard pill for him to swallow at that time. Because he also found himself at the brink of war with France as they were an ally of France.

However, his biggest accomplishment was to declare the parliament as a permanent institution and restoration of royal administration. Many historians praised him for his administration and law-making services while many criticise him because of his short temper.

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King Longshanks
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