King of England 1927 The George V

What about King of England 1927?

Who was the King of England 1927? Well, the title may arise a question into your mind. George V was the King of England then who almost ruled for 26 years. Moreover, he took charge in 1910 and remained the king until his death in 1936. During his reign, he was the king of Britain Dominions and the United Kingdom. Also, he was the emperor of India. George was born during the reign of Queen Victoria on 3 June 1865. The queen was his grandmother. Here, we have a look at his early life and reign. However, to read more details about Geroge, click here.

king of england 1927
King George V with his wife in 1893

The early life of the king

George who born in London was the second son of his father Albert Edward. Also, he was just 17 months younger than his elder brother Albert Victor. Hence they both got education together in 1871. John Neale Dalton was their tutor initially. However, both princes did not excel much intellectually. Therefore, they both joined the cadet training ship HMS Britania. Because their father used to think “Navy is the best possible training for a young boy”. Thus at the age of 12, George has to join training at Dartmouth, Devon. Both brothers attended the training for three years and roamed to all the empires.

Later George continued with Royal Navy while his brother attended Trinity College, Cambridge. During the Naval career, Geroge also commanded Torpedo Boat 79. On 6 July 1893, Geroge married Mary.

When George became the King?

George was third in the line for succession after his father and brother. Because at that time, his grandmother was serving as the queen. However, in 1892, the unexpected death of his brother victor put him 2nd. When the queen died in 1901, his father became the king as Edward VII. While George became the Prince of Wales.

Moreover, in 1910, after his father’s death, he became the King-Emperor. Later in 1917, he also became the first Monarch of the House of Windsor. George saw a lot of ups and downs during his reign. He saw Socialism, Fascism and communism as well as Irish Republicanism. During World War 1 he was the King and he witnessed it all. George had smoking-related health issues in his later reign which also caused his death in 1936.

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king of england 1927
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king of england 1927
king of england 1927 was George V. He remained the kind from 1910 to 1936 until his death, The king witnessed all the incidents during World War I
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