Kopi C Coffee With Evaporated Milk And Sugar

What is Kopi C?

Kopi C is a coffee with evaporated malik and little sugar. Moreover, coffee is a thing which every age group likes very much. Everyone has a different taste and different liking for the coffee. Also, there are a lot of types of coffee. Someone like black coffee while someone Cappuccino. Similarly, some prefer Flat White over Irish coffee and Espresso over Macchiato. Like all these, Kopi C is also a type of coffee for the people who suffer from diabetes. Let’s learn here about this type of coffee and all other details. You can also click here for further details.

Kopi C
Kopi and Kopi C coffee difference

Difference between Kopi C and Kopi

Well, there is a series of Kopi coffee. So, here I differentiate between all these for better understanding. Kopi C is a coffee with evaporated milk and little sugar. Moreover, in this coffee contains coffee 75%, evaporated milk 15% and 10% sugar. While Kopi consists of condensed milk. This type of coffee has 80% coffee and 20% milk. Moreover, Kopi doesn’t contain sugar.

Similarly, there is one more type which has no sugar. Kopi C-Kosong is a coffee which has zero per cent sugar and the best suit for the patient of diabetes. It consists of 85 per cent coffee and 15 per cent evaporated milk. Hence there is no sign of sugar.

What about Kopi-peng?

Kopi has a series of coffees with different flavours and compositions. Each one contains different ingredients. Similarly, Kopi-peng is also a type of coffee. This type contains condensed milk and ice cubes. Moreover, the quantity of ingredients reads coffee 80 per cent, condensed milk 20 per cent and ice cubes. Therefore, we can say, unlike, the traditional coffees, it’s cold.

Kopi Gao Siew Dai

Kopi Gao is another sugar-free coffee for people suffering from diabetes. This type of coffee contains condensed milk and thick coffee. The quantity of its ingredients reads thick coffee 80 per cent and condensed milk 20 per cent. However, there is no sign of sugar.

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Kopi C
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Kopi C
Kopi C is a coffee which contains evaporated milk and little sugar. Kopi C Kosong is also coffee which has no sugar at all. Kopi Kosong contains milk and
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