Hello there! Please spend a few minutes checking this video which describes to you how to use our Slack group.

$449 + VAT / Month

$64.51 + VAT / Month

What is our secret?

  1. Private tracking tools -> Time-saving, Quick-decision making, Estimation of price increment.
  2. Education section -> Saving money, you do not have to repeat the mistakes made by the people in front of you.
  3. Personal approach -> Is something not clear for you? Just ask and we will schedule a video call.
  4. Community -> We have a networking room where you can exchange your skills with our members

Why you should join, and what is inside?

  • Tutorials on how to get 250$+ by watching online tutorials about crypto or free registrations, you will get instantly your money back for the first months
  • Special account for Travel discounts. You can save up to 35% from travel spendings like flight tickets, accommodation or car rental.
  • Trustable news in the crypto world in one place. This news will help you to decide when to buy and sell your portfolio
  • Information about applications and sheets help you tracking your portfolio without manual counting of fees
  • Notification about Orders and price change for multiple coins which I have in my portfolio. So, you will know when I buy it and also when I sell it
  • Informations about farming and defi projects which I use and helps me get profit
  • Information about blockchain technologies and projects can help you earn a profit if you are joining in the beginning
  • Information about the interesting group which I follow on social networks and helps me get profit
  • Information about trading bots which I love because they make me profit while I sleep ( f.e. about 10-30% per month from investment )
  • Information about new coins and if you buy it in the start you can sell it in a few minutes with high profit ( 30 – 1000% )
  • Information about ERC Tokens at Uniswap, daily tracking is posted in our group with the new coins mentioned above
  • Information about Twitter trends and fundamental ratio
  • Notifications and tracking of “Crypto Whales” and “GrayScale”
  • Information about blockchain games, tutorials, and first plays
  • Information about courses of Darknet and cryptocurrencies used in DeepWeb.
  • Link to basic courses about cryptocurrencies. If you don’t know how to start don’t worry we should help you 🙂
  • Tutorials on how to join the decentralized cloud ( alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc … )
  • Access to a recurring affiliate program

Why not be afraid?

  • In every channel I provide personal support in a few minutes or hours, trust me … sleep is for weak 🙂
  • If you don’t understand any process in this “crypto world” we can arrange a video call and I will help you
  • Records from video calls and all links from past calls are available in one place at Patreon

Why don’t wait for your membership?

  • Our group is actually limited to the first 100 paid registration, actually, there are more than 30 members after one day from launch. My goal is not quantity and earnings (personal support consumes my time more than a reward for the month or manual focus on cryptocurrencies) but I want to help few people during the CoVID19 situation.

Satisfied clients from the Czech and Slovak Republic


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