How do we travel?


What is our secret of success?

  1. Our own tracking tools -> Saving time, Quick decisions, Earlier information before they are mass mailed and released on social media
  2. Educational section -> Saving money, how is that possible that someone is traveling for much lower price than the others? How can I get to those prices?
  3. Personal approach -> Something is not clear to you? You can easily ask in our Discord server!
  4. Community -> You have nobody to travel with? You don´t know what to do in the destination? Never mind, we are here to advice! 🙂

Why you should consider membership, what does it include?

  • You wanna plan a vacation alone and save more than 200€ / 5000CZK compared with a regular offer from travel agencies?
  • You need an advice from another travelers and get very quick response or help?
  • You wanna have an overview of current special offers and wrong flight tickets from multiple airlnes?
  • You wanna travel more often, even during free weekends for acceptable prices?
  • You wanna be a part of great travel community, which will be happy to join you for every trip?

Future vision of our project

  1. Cooperation with local and foreign travelers ( Webinars and videos from destinations )
  2. Access to shared apartments for members ( Seaside destinations )

Why you should not be afraid?

  • I provide personal approach in all discussion rooms and I reply within few minutes, max. hours
  • Dozens of active members follow our Discord on daily basis

Why not postpone the decision?

  • Currently the group is limited for 100 registrations. My goal is not a quantity and my profit ( since this is not the main stream of my income and I devote time to another projects with much higher numbers ), but the actual help to all those people.

What do I do and what I don´t?

My support to group members

For sure our group is not created to provide the same support and service like travel agency, airline or another intermediary portals. This is only informal discussion of our members about their travel plans, who they travel with and through whom they travel. Currently I use only this Discord group for tracking travel options. Every single member has an access to my know-how in this area and is able to learn and fully understand how do I make desicions and why.

As part of the paid membership, I have certain time capacities that I am willing to invest in supporting people who register.. I am also willing to provide a consulation in a form of videocall, free of charge and help as much as I can and as my time possibilities allows me to. The access to our group gets every person who buys following lifetime membership.

Fee refund

I do not provide fee refunds due to a membership limitation of 100 members only. My goal is not to get people into my group who take advantage of my time and then ask for a refund, but people who want to learn and grow their knowledge in this area and who will do everything to make sure that their investment in membership is returned within the next trip.

References of previous version of this project: