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Who is Lady C?

Writers belong to a specific community which build the mind and thought of people. Because what reading a book has an impact on one’s mind no other activity can do. Lady C is also one of the writers who are considered the best when they have a pen in their hands. Moreover, Lady C earned more fame when he wrote three books on the British Royal Family.

Lady C
Lady C with her ex-husband

The real name of this amazing lady is Lady Colin Campbell who born on 17 August 1949 in St. Andrew Jamaica. She also possesses two other names, George William Ziadie and Georgia Arianna Ziadie. Apart from being a writer, she is also a socialite, TV and radio personality. Her book, biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, remained the best selling book in 1992. Here, I am going to write down about his early life and the Royal Books. However, to read complete details about her, click here.

Early life, marriage and family

Lady Colin who born in Jamaica was the daughter of a department store owner Michael George Ziadie and Gloria Dey. She is one of the four children of her parents. After her birth, she had a genital malformation. So, the medical advice was to declare her a male to spend her life normal. However, she faced many issues while growing with boys and as a boy.

However, in 1970, at the age of 21, she went through a successful surgery and started living her life as a normal girl. Also, she started modelling for a while before the surgery. On 23 March 1974, Georgia married to Lord Colin Ivar Campbell. He was the younger son of the 11th Duke of Argyll. However, the couple split after 14 months because of her sex change. In 1993, she adopted two Russian boys, Misha and Dima.

Lady C’s famous Royal Books

Georgia started to pursue a career in the early 1990s. She wrote three books on the member od the Royal Family. However, her two books Dianna In Private and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother earned her a lot of fame. The book on Dianna recorded as the best selling book in 1992. People also criticized her that she had written just fantasies. However, her some part of the books vindicated later.

Georgia Arianna, later also appeared in Comedy Nation, a British TV Show. Also, she appeared in a documentary film in 2016.

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