LBJ Ranch Tour and All You Want to Know

What about LBJ Ranch?

LBJ Ranch tour is something exciting for the public and visitors. Moreover, LBJ Ranch is also famous as the Texas White House. This is the birthplace and resting place of former American President Lyndon B. Johnson. Mr Johnson was the 36th president of United States America. After his death in 1973, Mrs Johnson donated this place to the USA and is now famous as National Historical Park of the USA. Moreover, the president used to spend 20% of his time here in the office. Here, I am writing down briefly about LBJ Ranch. However, for full details, you may visit here.

LBJ Ranch tour and visit
An overview of Texas white house also famous as LBJ Ranch

Location and Transportation

National Historical Park or LBJ Ranch is 50 miles or 80 kilometres away from the Texas Hill Country in the west of Austin. Moreover, the park has now two divisions. One is Johnson city while other is LBJ Ranch. There is no public transport to reach LBJ Ranch. However, visitors can go there in their private vehicles and can stay and visit Johnson city and LBJ Ranch. But before they depart, they will have to get a driving permit from LBJ State Park and Historic Site Visitor Center in Stonewall, Texas. The permit is free of cost.

Things to do in LBJ Ranch Tour

As it has mentioned earlier that it has two divisions. First one is Jonson City. Here in Johnson city people can visit the childhood home of the president Johnson, his grandparent’s cabin and National Park visitor centre. Moreover, in the city people can also watch films about the president and his wife Lady Bird.

While in LBJ Ranch, both the president Jonshon and his wife have their final resting place. Visitors can see all the places as well as the family cemetery of the president. Moreover, there is also a one-room school which Johnson briefly attended in his early age.

Timing to visit

You can visit LBJ Ranch seven days in a week except for official holidays like Christmas etc. Moreover, the operation hours are from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm. However, timing to get permits is until 04:00 pm. Also, there is no fee or charges to visit.

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LBJ Ranch Tour
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LBJ Ranch Tour gives you an opportunity to visit Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) birthplace, final resting place and school. The former president also spent time in it
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