Lil Nas X The American Rock Star Rapper

Who is Lil Nas X?

If I say this is the era of rappers it would not be wrong. A lot of rappers have emerged in the world and have earned immense fame and stardom. Montero Lamar Hill is also one of them who became a rock star in his young age. Moreover, Lamar who born on 9 April 1999, is professionally known as Lil Nas X. He is an American popular rapper, singer and songwriter.

Lil Nas X
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Lil Nas initially got fame when she posted a video on Tiktok in 2019. His country rap single Old Town Road grabbed international attention. As a result, he was  Diamond certified by November 2019. Moreover, his song remained number one on the U. S. Billboard100 for 39 weeks. This was the longest streak for any singer since the existence of Billboard in 1958. To know complete details about him, click here.

Early Life and career

Lil Nas who born in Georgia and grew up in Bankhead Courts housing project with his mother and grandmother. Her parent divorced when he was just six years old. He then left Atlanta saying, there is so much shit going on here if I would have stayed there I would have fallen the wrong crowd. Moreover, he spent heavy time using internet creating memes. He spent a lot of time on Twitter and become an internet personality in 2017.

Reportedly Lil Nas made a Twitter account of Nicky Minhaj fan and ran it. However, after some time he turned to music and started creating and writing music. Moreover, he adopted the name Lil Nas X to pay tribute to the rapper Nas.

Famous Old Town Road song

The climax in the life of Lil Nas X came when he released a country rap song Old Town Road. He bought the beat for $30 from an online store. Also, he promoted his song by creating memes and social media. Later a user picked it and posted on TikTok. The endless imitation permission of TikTok spread it worldwide. The stats showed that it was shared 67 million times. Moreover, the track remained at the top position on Billboard100 for 13 weeks. Also, the song produced the sale of 10 million copies.

Hence Lil Nas earned fame worldwide. In 2019, he released C7osure which depicted Lil Nas is a gay. Later, he also appeared in fashion shows while vogue noted him as a ‘master”. He holds many music awards like American Music Award and two BET hip hop awards.

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Lil Nas X
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