Masons Murray Bridge of Australia

What about Masons Murray Bridge?

Masons Murray Bridge is in Murray Bridge, one of the most beautiful cities in South Australia, Australia. The old name of this city was Mobilong and later as Edwards Crossing. However, in 1924, the state renamed it as Murray Bridge. The state derived this name from the road and railway crossing over Murray River. Murray Bridge is the fifth most populous city in the state. As of June 2018, its population was 18,779. Moreover, the city is famous in the state to produce dairy products, chickens and vegetable etc. Here, I am going to tell you briefly about this city. However, for complete details, you may visit here.

Murray Bridge Streets
The main street of the Rural-Urban city Murray Bridge

Location & Transportation means

The city is on the Princess Highway which is the main road to link Adelaide and Melbourne. Moreover, it is 76 kilometres away towards the East from Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. From Adelaide, there are sufficient options to reach Murray Bridge. You can go by bus, by train, by taxi or even by air too. Moreover, the fastest way to reach there is by taxi. It will charge approximately $160 to $200.

However, public transport is also available there to facilitate visitors.

Attractions of the Murray Bridge

The city is the home of Bunyip which has great attraction for tourists. Then there is a Butterfly House which was next door to the Puzzle Park where you can find the butterfly aviary as you enter through the main entrance. Moreover, there is one of the most beautiful golf clubs in the world. The beauty of the club is marvellous. If you are fond of adventures then you can also enjoy skydiving and hiking there. Professionals are available there to facilitate you.

There is one more interesting for the foreigners that you can also buy property here. Murray Bridge is, in fact, a rural-urban city. Beautiful cottage surrounded with greenery always attracts people. To buy property there are specialized agent and real estate advisor like Masons Murray Bridge to facilitate people.

Season to visit

The best season to visit Murray Bridge is from late December to early March. During this period you can enjoy warm-weather activities and can have a lot more fun.

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Masons Murray Bridge
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