Mimi Beardsley, Who had Affair with President JFK

Who is Mimi Beardsley?

Mimi Beardsley whose full name is Marion Fay Mimi Alford is an American Woman. She served in the White House as an intern in 1962-63. Moreover, Mimi was born on 7th May 1943 in Arkansas, USA. Also, Mimi had an affair with President John F Kennedy while working in the White House. Moreover, when she was in a relationship with the president, she was just 19 years old. She herself admitted and revealed in his book “once Upon a Secret” in 2011. Let’s have a brief look at his life. However, for full details, you can visit here.

Mimi Beardsley in white huse
A memorable pic of teen Mimi Alford during her inter

Early Life and education of Mimi

Mimi who born in Arkansas and brought up in New Jersy got education from Miss Porter’s school in Connecticut. Later, while working as an editor in a newspaper of his high school he wrote to White House for an intern. Moreover, she wrote a letter to the wife of president Jackie Kennedy for an interview. However, Jackie could not interview her but her personal assistant interviewed her. Thus she got a position in the press office of the White House in 1962.

Mimi’s affair with the president

While working at the White House she caught the attention of John F Kennedy. On her 4th day at the office, she got an invitation from the special assistant of the president David Powers. He invited her to join the group of the residence swimming pool. Also, she surprised when he saw the president joining them. Later, after swimming again David invited her for a cocktail party. Then JFK offered here to have a tour of the White House with me. She accepted and went with here. Thus John F. Kennedy seduced her and they had intimate moments which continued for the next 18 months. Moreover, she revealed it hours after his assassination.

The Book of Mimi Beardsley

Beardsley got a lot of attention of press regarding her affairs with JFK. Therefore, she decided to express her own. She with the courage of his husband started writing her book “Once Upon a Secret”. Originally the name of the book was “My Hidden Affair with John F. Kennedy” but later they changed it. Moreover, for several weeks this book remained as a best selling book.

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