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What about Monsta X Wonho?

Music has always been a choice of every age group in every country. The singer has a star status in every society either it is conservative or broad-minded. Monsta X Wonho is also one among the musical figures in the world as well as South Korea. Moreover, hip-hop music is one the famous type of music. Monsta X is a boy group that is famous for such kind of music. While Wonho was one of the members of that group.

Monsta X Wonho
Wonho during a performance

His original name is Lee Ho-Seok, famous as Shin Ho-Seok while Wonho is his stage name. Wonho who born on 1st March 1993 was the lead vocalist and visual of Monsta X. Moreover, Wonho idolizes famous American Rapper Kanye West and wants to become like him. Let’s have a look at early life and career of Wonho. However, for further details, click here.

Early life and career

Wonho who born in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea and grew up there. Since childhood, he has acrophobia (fears of heights). Moreover, from an early age, he was very fond of music and bodybuilding. However, his love for music made him appear in a television show Ulzzang Shidae Season 3. The show on aired between 2010 and 2011. Later he debuted as a member of Monster X hip hop group. However, he also participated in the survival television program No Mercy for debut as a Monster X member. As a result, he was the 5th trainee to get membership in the group. However, he remained for the longest period as a trainee under the management of Starship Entertainment.

Moreover, there was a surprising fact when Agency appointed him the leader of the group just before his debut. However, he could not maintain the position and later agency appointed Shownu as a new leader.

Monster X Wonho break up

you will surprise to read the word break up. But yeah, it was like a love affair between the member and group. Wonho had allegations that he used drugs and owed money to his friends. There was a lot of controversy on the matter. Hence on 31 October 2019, he left the group to keep the integrity of the group maintained.

On 1st November 2019, Starship Entertainment ended the contract with Shin Wonho.

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Monsta X wonho
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Monsta X wonho
Monsta X wonho was the leading member of Monsta X. His name was shin Ho-Seok but famous as Wonho. He left group for allegations of using drugs. He is brown
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