Murree Hills Rawalpindi, The Queen of Mountains

Murree Hills Rawalpindi is another beautiful place in Pakistan. Pakistan is now the number one holiday destination in the world for some reasons. There are a lot of places for tourists in this country. The country has four seasons, plains, deserts, mountains and sea. So, the beauty lies in each and every part of this country. Murree hill station is the most visited place in Pakistan. It is the first preference of Pakistanis as well as foreigner to spend some holidays. Here, I will narrate some essential information about it. Moreover, for full details, click here.

Location & Way to Murree Hills Rawalpindi

Murree hill station is in Rawalpindi, a district of province Punjab. Moreover, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, are twin cities and share their borders. Murree is just 30 kilometres away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the average altitude of Murree hills is 2291 metres (7516 feet).

Murree Hills
                                                             A beautiful view of Murree Hills Station

The easiest way to go to Murree is by Taxi. You can hire a taxi from Islamabad or Rawalpindi and it will drop you there within 45 minutes. However, public transport is also available from Rawalpindi. The public transport will drop you at a stop “Sunny Bank”. Then you will have to board another bus to go further.

Attractions of Murree Hills

Murree Hills is not just a hill station, it is a historic place also. British Empire constructed Murree town in 1853 for its troops. You will see the old-style architecture there also. Moreover, there are cable-car and chair-lift to spend some good time. There are also famous Galiyat i.e Ayubia, Nathia Gali and Patriata. There is the best shopping bazar on The Mall road Murree. The animals of different species are also roaming in Murree. Even Leopards are also present in Murree.

Moreover, the climate of the Murree Hills is very pleasant. Mostly, people love to go there in the Summer. In the winter, you can enjoy snowfall there. The average temperature of Murree is 12.7-degree centigrade. However, in the winter it goes down to -8 degree.

Hotels in Murree

There are many hotels in Murree for tourists. The best names among those are Shangrila Resort, Pine Top Hotel and Arcadian Blue Pine Luxury Resort. The average room rent for one-night stand is $150-200.

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Murree Hills Rawalpindi is a tourist destination with pleasant climate, mountains, cable car and beautiful scenery. Murree hill station is a historic place.
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