Nathia Gali Abbottabad in Pakistan

Nathia Gali Abbottabad is a beautiful tourists destination in Pakistan. In fact, Nature was very kind and generous to Pakistan. Because it has blessed Pakistan with numerous beautiful places. Nathia Gali is also one of those and is a masterpiece of nature. This mountain resort has very pleasant weather and high altitude. If you are on holidays then you must go there to make your moments memorable. Here, I shall tell you the important features of Nathia Gali. However, to get information, visit here.

Location & Way to Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is in Abbottabad, a district of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There is a Galyat range and Nathia Gali is one of them. This Galyat range is close to Murree Hills Station. This beautiful place is between Murree and Abbottabad at equal distance. Moreover, Nathia Gali is more pleasant than others.

Nathia Gali
                                                          A view of the forest with fog in Nathia Gali

From Murree and Abbottabad, it is at a distance of 32 kilometres. It took approx one hour to reach there from both places. However, it is at a distance of 86.2 kilometres from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. You can go to Nathia Gali by booking a taxi with ease. However, public transport is also available there. To go from Islamabad, Daewoo bus service is the best.

Attractions of Nathia Gali Abbottabad

Nathia Gali has a very pleasant climate due to its high altitude. It is 2410 meters (8000 feet) above sea level. Ayoubia National Park is also there for the recreation of the visitors. In the Gali, there are Pine forests, Cedar, Oak Walnut, Oak and Maples trees. This Gali is famous for its lush green meadows and forests.

Moreover, the fog in July and August presents a beautiful view of these forests. Nathia Gali also has a church of the British Era. Governor House is also there which is a masterpiece of architecture. The high peaks in its surrounding also present attractive scenery.

Hotels in The Gali

Nathia Gali is a popular tourists place, so there are many resorts to accommodate them. Some popular hotels are Hotel Elites, Dice Inn Hotel and Alpine Hotel & Vacation Homes. The average room rent for one-night stay is $150-200.

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Nathia Gali Abbottabad
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Nathia Gali Abbottabad
Nathia Gali Abbottabad is a beautiful tourists destination with a pleasant climate. Nathia Galis is between Murree and Abbottabad. Islamabad to Nathia Gali
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