Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan, A Paradise on Earth

Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Neelum is a blue gem and due to the look and beauty of the valley, it is literally a blue gem. There are a lot of beautiful lakes of blue water in the valley and it seems a piece of another planet. Nature is there with its utmost beauty which can refresh the minds of visitors. In the valley, there are many brooks, freshwater lakes, lush green mountains and a river. To know more about the valley you may click here.


Neelam Valley is in the Neelum District of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. It is the northernmost district of Kashmir. The valley is on the opposite of “Keran Sector” of Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir. It associates with the capital of Kashmir Muzaffarabad. Neelum valley is stretched out till 240 kilometres in AJ&K.

Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan
The beautiful lake and greenery of Neelum Valley

Tourists Places in Neelum Valley

There are many tourist places in the valley. A man can just lose himself in the beauty of this valley. There is a beautiful place Aranga Kel on the top of the hill. The tourists love this place so much. They can enjoy the beautiful view of the valley from the top. Chitta Katha Lake is also a spot there which amuses the people with its beauty. There is also a Dhanni Waterfall in the valley which can mesmerize anyone. So, this valley is one of the special creation of God on the earth. It is a real piece of paradise.

Sub-Valleys of Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan

Neelum valley also has three sub-valleys in it. These valleys are Jagran sub-valley, Babboon sub-valley and Shounter sub-valley. Jagran is accessible from Kundalshahi while Babboon from upper Neelum valley. Moreover, Shounter sub-valley is accessible from Kel.

Season to visit Neelum Valley AJK

You can visit this valley in any season. If you want to visit in summer season then you will enjoy the waterfall, lakes and river. However, if you are fond of snow falling then you can visit in Winter season also.

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Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan
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Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan
Neelum Valley AJK Pakistan is the best place to visit in Pakistan. Neelum Valley is also called the piece of paradise on earth. It has a lavish green mountain
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