ORD Airport Chicago, All You Need To Know

What abut ORD Airport?

Airports are used to be the face of a country. All international passengers and foreigners have their first experience of interaction at airports of a respective country. Also, airports play a great role in the economy. Therefore, countries prefer to facilitate the passengers at airports with the best possible services. There are a lot of airports which stood among the bests in the world. ORD airport is also one of them because of its facilities and services.

ORD Airport
Planes at the O’Hare International Airport

ORD is the code name of O’Hare International Airport Chicago. Moreover, this airport is the busiest square miles in the world. The other names of the airport are O’Hare, Chicago O’Hare and O’Hare Airport. The name of the airport is for Edward Butch O’Hare, the first U. S. Navy’s Medal of Honor recipient.

Location and History

O’Hare airport is in the Northwest of side Chicago, Illinois and is 14 kilometres away from the Loop business district in the northwest direction. The airport covers an area of 7627 acres and has non stop flights to 228 destinations. From O’Hare flights operate for North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Hence it connects to six continents across the globe. Moreover, the Chicago Department of Aviation is operating and managing this airport.

O’Hare started as an airfield serving a Douglas manufacturing plant for C-54 military transports during World War II. Also, it served as an active fighter base for the Air Force. The design of the airport was very unique and only one in the world at that time. There was a direct highway access to terminals, jet bridge, as well as the refuelling system, was underground. From 1963 to 1998, it remained the world’s busiest airport of the jet age. Now, it is the world’s sixth busiest airport in the world. In 2018, it served over 83 million passengers. Moreover, O’Hare had 919,704 aircraft operations till 31 Dec 2019, which is the most in the world.

Moreover, O’Hare is the major hub of United Airlines and American Airlines. Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines also have operations there.

Facilities at ORD Airport

O’Hare Airport has four passenger terminals with nine concourses and 191 gates. All inbound international flights arrive at Terminal 5 except U. S custom flights. Moreover, the terminals other than 5 do not have custom screening facilities. From Terminals 1 and 3 ANA, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Lufthansa depart. The aircraft arrive and discharge passengers at Terminal 5. After that, the empty plane is towed to another terminal for boarding. Moreover, terminal 5 is separated from the other terminals by a set of taxiways.

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