President Taft The 27th President of USA

Who is President Taft?

Before I start let’s imagine you are the president of a country. All is under your control in the country and everything is moving just on your order. The feelings are unbelievable. Well, when you are the president of the World’s most powerful country i. e the United States of America, you can just imagine about the position. President Taft or William Howard Taft was also one of the U. S. A presidents.

President Taft
President William Taft with his cabinet in 1910

Taft who born on 15 September 1857 was the 27th presidents of America. Moreover, later he also remained the 10th Chief Justice of America. Hence he became the only person to hold both offices. His term as president was from 1909 to 1913. However, he lost to Woodrow Wilson in the next election. Here, I am going to tell about his early life and presidency. However, to read complete details about him, click here.

Early life and Education

Taft was a modest child and not a brilliant. He was born to Alphonso Taft and Louise Torrey in Ohio. His father was also a prominent name in the USA as he was U. S Attorney General and Secretary of War. Moreover, Taft got his education from Woodward High School and Yale College. He also was heavyweight wrestler champion during his college days. In 1878, he graduated while securing 2nd position in the class of 121. According to his classmates, he succeeded because of his hard work only. Moreover, in 1880, he also graduated as a lawyer from Cincinnati Law School.

Political Career and becoming president

Taft, initially, started his career as a lawyer and later become a justice. Until 1905, he was very close to becoming the next chief justice of the country. Moreover, he was very close to then-president Roosevelt, he offered him the position but he refused at that time. In 1908, Roosevelt announced that he would not run b in the race for next presidential election. However, he urged and supported Taft to run a campaign for the next election.

Despite having some opponents in the party, Republican nominated him their next candidate for the presidential election. As a result. Taft won the election by a comfortable margin. On 4 March 1909, he took oath as the 27th president of the United States of America.

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President Taft
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