Real Racing 3 mod, An Exciting Racing Game to Play

Real Racing 3 mod is an exciting racing game for android and ios devices. Firemonkeys Studios developed this game, however, Electronic Arts published it in 20009. Here are all the details about this game.

How Can you download Real Racing 3?

The game is available for both android and ios devices. For android devices, you can download it from Google Playstore. While ios devices download it from the app store. Moreover, you can also download it from the official website. The link is here. However, its PC version is also available there.

Real Racing 3 download
Real Racing 3 is an exciting racing game

What is its gameplay?

Firstly it offers you a car as a loan for the tutorial. However, after that, you will have to buy a Nissan or Ford car to start the race. You start the game at driver level 0 and then increase your level by earning fame points. When you win a level, you get a reward of Gold Coins, the premium in-app currency. The game consists of multiple series to play. There were 135 series in its last version.

What about its controls?

Real Racing 3 offers its players seven different control methods. These methods are Tilt A, Tilt B, Wheel A, Wheel A Flipped, Wheel B, Wheel B Flipped and Button. Tilt A is for auto-steering to turn left or right. While Tilt B is totally a manual method. Wheel A features virtual on-screen steering with auto accelerate and brake. While Wheel A Flipped offers steering wheel on right and brake on the left. Wheel B and Wheel B Flipped are the same as Wheel A but with manual methods. Button offers a touch to steer it left or right.

Is Real Racing 3 is totally free?

The game is not totally free but partially. It offers limited features with its free version or mode. However, with its upgraded and paid version, you enjoy the features.

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